Ordinary Everyday People Are Making a Great Living by Monetizing Their Social Networks and Learning How To Do So from This Simple Education Tool!

The Social Network Marketing University is the key to success in the Social Network Marketing Industry. The FREE automated training available in this online university will set you up for big time success with #DitchTheCan!

SAN DIEGO, CA, July 03, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Over the course of the history of Network Marketing, there have been attempts made to create Network Marketing tools to help business partners grow their businesses faster and more efficiently, but unfortunately, the majority have bombed....

...Until the Social Network Marketing University was created! One of the best Network Marketing training tools to grow a Network Marketing business has come to fruition and is going to change how these lucrative business models are grown forever!

Before getting into which tool will provide the training for all future Network Marketers, let's look at the reason Network Marketing tools exist and why they have performed so poorly.

The purpose of a Network Marketing "tool" is to create duplication within a Network Marketing organization. Remember, Network Marketing is a network of people (business partners) that are selling goods and/or services to the public which include a business model whereby the business partners are paid residual income based on the sale of the products. Anything that helps to create the growth of the organizations, is considered a tool.

A tool can be informational videos, phone calls, events, marketing materials, etc. The list of Network Marketing tools is infinite. The problem that comes with tools is creating Network Marketing tools that actually work.

For the most part, these tools do not address all aspects of a Network Marketing business. Yes, marketing materials are great, but how does a person actually get the conversation started? The internet is a wonderful Network Marketing tool, but the problem is that most people have no idea how to even get started using the internet to build their Network Marketing business.

What a Network Marketing tool needs to do is address all areas of a Network Marketing business, including using Social Networks to build a business. It needs to be as automated as possible since automation creates efficiencies in the business. It also needs to be measurable so that the person using the Network Marketing tool sees their progress and their upline is able to measure how far the person has come.

This is where the Social Network Marketing University (SNMU) comes in. It is literally one of the best training tools developed to grow a business swiftly and effectively!

The SNMU, is an internet based system of tutorials that cover every area that a person needs to master in order to create long term success in the Industry.

Which company provides the SNMU? #DitchTheCan of course. This brand new Social Network Marketing company took a step back, before creating the company and said, "What is needed (or not needed) in Network Marketing to help create a much higher success rate?" #DitchTheCan implemented several things to modify the business model for higher rates of success and one of them was the Social Network Marketing University.

The SNMU is a very simple concept; train each and every person that comes into the business with the tutorials needed to build a large residual income stream from their business. At the same time, do it in a way where people can learn in a comfortable environment (their homes) at a pace that matches up with their current life demands. Furthermore, it takes the burden off the #DitchTheCan leaders that, under normal Network Marketing circumstances, would have to take the time to teach every area that the SNMU now teaches for them.

What this does is free up the leaders' time to train and help on more advanced topics or help the new business partners talk with new prospects. This is a huge movement forward in Network Marketing as it forces the business model to be much more effective and efficient.

How does the Social Network Marketing University work? Again, simplification is the name of the game here...

When a new person signs up with the Company, after setting up their #DitchTheCan website, the next step is to "Visit SNMU" on the right hand side of their #DitchTheCan Back Office, and answer the 25+ questions laid out in front of them. What this will do is, based on the new #DitchTheCan business partner's answers, create a course layout that teaches them what they need help with.

The following is a sample of the different areas that the Social Network Marketing University will cover:

*Basics and benefits of Network Marketing and Social Network Marketing

*Getting to know the Ditch The Can products

*How to talk to people about Network Marketing or Ditch The Can products without sounding like a car salesman

*Benefits of Social Networking

*How to choose the right Social Networks

*How to set up Social Media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc)

*How to market on Social Media

*Understanding the Ditch The Can compensation plan

*Personal development

*Content strategies

*Events training

*Search Engine Optimization training

*Online advertising

*Tools for easier sharing

*Following up with prospects

Plus many more trainings. Anything that would come up in a Network Marketing business is covered in the SNMU!

Another great addition to one of the best training tools available today is the ability to track, not only your progress in the tool, but also the progress of those #DitchTheCan business partners in your downline. This gives you a great indication about who is serious about building a business and who is not.

From an upline or leader perspective, I can tell you that, being able to monitor progress is huge in determining where to spend my time and who I will be sending #DitchTheCan leads to on an ongoing basis.

Social Network Marketing University will be viewed as one of the best Social Network Marketing training tools because of how it integrates automated tutorials into the business model. There has been nothing like it in the past, and for those that copy it, those companies will never measure up to the original "Online Network Marketing University!"

Remember, the SNMU is FREE to any #DitchTheCan business partner, all you need to do is sign up for #DitchTheCan!

Are you ready to be successful in the Social Network Marketing Industry?

#DitchTheCan is a brand new unique network marketing opportunity backed by Life Force International (Life Force). Life Force is a privately held leading natural health and wellness company, that manufactures, markets and distributes nutritional and personal care products through a global direct sales force of over 50,000 active independent Members, Distributors and Customers with international subsidiaries established in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore plus export sales to other countries.


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