Innovative magic props from GOSHMAGIC should be best helper for each magic lover

China - As the introduction of editor from famous online magic wholesale -, all objects which could be used by magician in their stage or street performances can be called the magic props. Props could be regarded as the performing tools and wisdom of these professional magicians. They make use of transforming the conventional mindset, using simple principles of physics, as well as a variety of means to produce these magic props. Frankly speaking these magic performing tools could be said the combination of magician wisdom and modern science and art.

As the former saying from editor from , the normally magic can basically be divided into stage magic and close-up magic. The close-up magic are generally and mainly rely on small magic props or skilled approaches to complete the wholly performing process. The stage magic is very complicated and it can be divided into stage magic with skillful approaches and large props stage magic. The first one refers to the magical performing such as objects appearing, disappearing, floating, blasting and other effect based on the magicians’ skillful approaches. Furthermore, the large props stage magic refers to the stage magic performing based on using of elaborate props to the achieve the completion of large-scale show for people, animals and other large objects’ disappearance, appearance, reducing, cutting and escape effects.

No matter what kinds of hand approaches, magic props, good performances or others, all of these could help the magicians produce good performing results. Generally speaking, the props magic is more simple and magical than the normally hand tricks magic. It can be said that the props magic performing is the exclusive things for all of laymen. On the other hand, the hand approaches magic is the view for magic experts. The experiences magicians will not going to be so foolish to perform the props magic in front of expert because these magic do not need to take a long time to practicing. This kind of magic only needs the magic props from website

The editor from said that most of their magic props have many versions. However, most of the have been designed for more subtle performing. That is why these props have very simpler and more compact outer shape. For example, the magic shop for magicians which called screws automatic rotation is very generally. There are many versions of this small magic prop which could be arranged from the old battery version to single screw today. All of these magic props are made ​​by the rich imagination of manufacturer and the magician.


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