Government to catch initiative on product recall for food safety

Incidence of food products contamination in India that is sold locally and abroad is increasing. The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has set a new protocol for ensuring food safety. The food safety protocol includes product recall which can be done in any stage between manufacturing and final consumption. If a product is found to be counterfeited, it will be recalled at any stage, even the whole batch of that product. To maintain safety, food products are tracked at any stage of supply chain through various track and trace technologies.


In November 2013, A product called “Tasty Nuts” from Haldiram’s Nagpur plant were recalled in Australia as the product is found to be contaminated with aflatoxin which is toxic compound. The whole batch of the product was recalled from retailers and consumers.


In January 2014, U.S. FDA had issued 11 warning letters to food manufacturers that also included Gadre Marine Export of India for violating the packaging norm. Owing to this, FSSAI is taking initiatives to draft guideline for food recall that varies from single product to whole batch. These guidelines will pass soon to Law Ministry Department for further processing.


"We had a meeting with the representatives from food industries, GS1 India (NGO) we discussed the feasibility of executing the product-recall procedure. We will soon forward it to the Law Ministry for further implementation," FSSAI chairperson K. Chandramouli.


GS1 is a nonprofit organization, which is collaborating with trader to ensure and solve the challenges in food safety, efficiency and visibility during supply chain.


"We get regular complaints regarding counterfeit drugs and food products. We have been able to curtail the sales of counterfeit drugs in past few years, and now we are looking at food products. Product recall is uncommon in India, while it is widely practised in other countries," K. Chandramouli said.