Flavors in Beverages Industry - Market Trends and Insights

Consumer purchasing trends fostering growth of flavors in beverage market

Mumbai, India – June 9, 2014 - The beverage flavors market is set to grow and offers innumerable opportunities for new entrants to grow in the market. Rampant urbanization, increased disposable income and the availability of convenience goods coupled with growing health concerns are some of the factors that are driving the growth of this sector.  Flavors are widely used by beverage manufacturers however, the key players are reformulating their flavor types. While natural flavors are essential oils and natural extracts, the artificial flavors are the chemically derived ones.


This report: Flavors in Beverages Industry - Market Trends and Insights gives an overview of the current trends in beverage flavors supply situation. Since the flavors are widely used in the beverage market sector, the trend of natural versus cost and marketing benefits are discussed.


The other factors that have spurred the growth of the sector are increased awareness among governments and consumers need for specific health and nutritional needs. With this, there was also a demand for new variants especially the healthy ones. The mainstream flavors especially cola, citrus fruits and coffee remained global.


The consumption occasion for drinks is also changing and they are now mostly positioned as lifestyle beverages.  However, the key players agree that flavor addition is a complex procedure, as the key players need to process variables and many ingredients to fabricate a beverage that will be good tasting. The flavor concentrates for beverages does not stop at flavors but also contains acidifiers, colors, emulsifiers, botanicals and sweeteners spurring the growth of these auxiliary segments.


The beverage industry is growing in terms of function, hybridization and flavor becoming more sophisticated. Industry experts found the increased use of super-fruits and berry flavors in particular gaining momentum in the market. Furthermore, taste has become an increasingly important purchasing factor, as consumers are not happy with the generic ones and requires them to taste good. On the natural front, ingredients and flavorings such as coconut water and fruit juice are being used.


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