Top Fence Ranks High As The Most Professional Delivery Service Provider Of Steel Fence Products

China (July 25, 2016) - Top Fence is a noted supplier, manufacturer and exporter of high-performing and durable steel fence products based in China. With a factory equipped with best of the latest technologies, higher production of steel fence products becomes a very fast and cost-effective process. With a team of 25-60 skilled professionals, it goes through a lot of planning, designing and implements the best while engineering steel fence products. It is a cut above the rest when it comes to punctual delivery and shipping of the products. It has a really impressive catalog and one can browse through Steel Picket Fence, Spear Top Steel Fence, Garrison Fence, Hercules Fence and the like before placing their choicest order.  

At Top Fence, it is the presence of 20+ punch machines which enhances the process of production and as promised to the clients, the steel fence products need the desired destination within the stipulated time frame. It is the auto electrostatic powder spray painted equipment, high quality powder –AKZ ONOBEL which ensures that the fence product’s service life gets increased by 1.5 times. With advancement in technology, Top Fence has welding robots that makes the process of manufacturing the products, faster. This manufacturing hub has 2 AUTO CAD and Solid-makers which facilitate the process of ODM design of fencing products. One can put in exact requirements for customized steel fence products and get the production in time, done flawlessly.

About Top Fence
Top Fence is a popular manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter based in China and sells almost 80 percent of the products in Australia and New Zealand. It has a huge catalog of steel products and factory space, QC team and state of the art facilities that helps in higher production and offering excellent delivery services of fence products.

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