Some interesting traditional rules in the modern wedding ceremony

British - When it refers to the wedding ceremony, there are many traditional rules in that day, such as the color of wedding dresses, wearing style, process of wedding ceremony and other. Today, the editor from famous diyouth wigs online seller DOYOUTH will introduce with people some interesting traditions for wedding ceremony.

Although the wedding was the long history existence of the world since ancient times, the bride’s wearing for a wedding dress at the wedding ceremony should be the habit which did not have 200 years of history. The white silk dress which will be worn by bride was originally the remarkable and traditional Catholic service dress. Since some European countries are theocratic state system in ancient times, people wedding affair had to go to church for the priest or pastor’s prayer and blessing so that their wedding could be considered as the formal and legal marriage. That should be why the bride wore white clothes to express their sincere and pure to God in today’s wedding ceremony.

Before the 19th century of these western countries, there were no rules for the color of wedding dresses for these young girls who would get marry with a man. However, this kind of situation had been changed until 1820 and the white color had gradually become widely used wedding dress color. This was because the British Queen Victoria wore a white elegant wedding dresses. Since then, the white cheap human hair wigs has been regarded as the most formal wedding dress.

In modern time, there are also many people who do not understand the origins of the wedding dress select their bride’s wedding dress ​​of pink or light blue color to show their gorgeous and personality. In fact, according to Western customs, only married women could wear the wedding dresses with the color of pink or sky blue and other colors to show the difference with the first marriage wedding dresses.

In addition to the color of these discount wedding dresses, there are only very funny tradition for Wedding ceremony . Some people will have the puzzle about why the bride need to wear veil and gloves and how did this tradition appear? Christianity believes that women’s hair and body are very tempting part so these parts need to be covered with clothing and hair needs to be wrapped up with a hat or veil.

However, there are also many other traditions in the wedding ceremony and the editor from famous discount wedding dresses online seller DIYOUTH will introduce with people later.

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