Stridoc Launches Digital Health Platform At SXSW


March 21, 2016

Science-based Stridoc looks to keep the Doctor at bay with patient-facing digital healthcare

BOSTON— Europe-based digital health leader Vidavo S.A. launched a stateside version of its cloud-based integrated health platform "stridoc" last week at South by Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSW). The new health tech startup, which will take root in Boston, was showcased at the invitation of International Accelerator, an Austin-based outfit which helps global startups gain traction and attract funding in the United States.

Stridoc cross-pollinates science with digital health innovation to add the crucial layer of prevention and disease monitoring, among other functions. Founder, CEO Pantelis Angelidis envisions an opportunity for Stridoc to deliver everyday preventive health efficiently for both health provider and patient: “Stridoc streamlines and customizes health management in a platform that incentivizes all stakeholders, whether it's to save time and money or potentially avert health emergencies,” he said. "End-users are increasingly demanding greater participation in their own healthcare and Stridoc gives them that power— to monitor conditions, prevent disease and manage health data all in one place."

Stridoc is designed with a "culture of longevity" by motivating healthy choices and enabling fluid doctor-patient interaction. Its founders hope to replicate their success in Europe, where nearly 3 million users are utilizing the health platform. Over 120 million Americans suffer from chronic disease in the United States, where 86% of its healthcare spending is directed.

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