3 CAD Trends That Could Rock 2016

3 CAD Trends That Could Rock 2016

Learn How To Start 3 CAD Trends That Could Rock 2016

There’s Big Money In 3 CAD Trends That Could Rock 2016

Rules Not To Follow About 3 CAD Trends That Could Rock 2016

We all take New Year’s resolutions but that goes in vogue always:exercise regularly, eat healthy or any thing.

And the CAD industry is no different. It resolves to do better work. Improve productivity. Develop and experiment with new technologies. Most important, the resolutions are to improve lives and businesses with new creations.

But we think 2016 is going to be the best year till date. There are several CAD trends on the horizon that will impact both business and this year. And each one presents a new opportunity to change the world with CAD.

CAD is an ever changing technology that is very essential to every mechanical engineer, designer and drafters. It’s important to stay updated on the latest trends:


1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refer to billions of Internet-connected devices. The IoT calls upon wireless sensors that continuously monitor the operation of all types of machines irrespective of their location, and then aggregates the data such that it can be broken out and analyzed to discover trends and make conclusions that can’t be drawn from local data.

Cisco estimates over 50 billion devices will come online by 2020. This includes devices in industrial factories and sites.

But it will likely affect engineers more than most. Once factories and facilities come online, massive new efficiencies come online, too. New threats and challenges will also appear. Cybersecurity is one of the primary dangers; when everything gets connected, everything becomes vulnerable.

These considerations will change how engineers work on-site. But the full IoT transition will take some time. 2016 would end with a new revolution!

2. 3D Printed Buildings

its came in news that that a 3D printer could create an entire building. Truth is that they are used to construct entire apartment blocks. The method prints buildings fast, is cheap and more eco-friendly than some conventional methods.

There’s a high need for big 3D printers. They make housing easier for more customers and builders in populated areas. So could 2016 be the year of 3D construction firms!

3. Upstart Tech

It seems CAD software is changing. Established companies have released a few cutting-edge cloud and collaborative solutions. But innovation are not only coming from the big CAD players.

Startups are trying to figure out how CAD works and how we work with CAD. The most exciting one is Onshape—- only full-cloud CAD solution available. It’s just one of many upstarts. But the fact is that it’s founded and backed by a former SOLIDWORKS alumni.

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