Race to Fame Tests your Knowledge of Hollywood

Milo Gibson, in partnership with Revelbliss and ImHolding Apps proudly announces the release of Race to Fame, a movie trivia journey filled with fun mini-games that are sure to test any so-called “movie buff.” Instead of the same old Q-and-A format of other trivia apps, Race to Fame features creative, challenging ways for film aficionados to show their expertise. Begin the journey to stardom in Branson, Missouri and the trek out to California and the city of stars.

Pop Quiz, hotshot. How many ways can Race to Fame test your movie knowledge?

— Multiple Choice Trivia: May the odds be ever in your favor with a 1-in-4 chance of getting the question right. When in doubt use a hint and freeze time!

— Catch a Falling Star: When you wish upon a star, drag it to their leading men and women in this fast-paced matching game.

— Smack a Star: First rule of Smack a Star: Not everything that shines is precious! Tap the movie title that matches the selected genre.

— Word Search: You don’t have to walk into Mordor to complete this journey, just find the words that complete the clues.

Race to Fame allows users to share scores and compete against their Facebook friends to show that they’re king of the world — at least the movie trivia world.

“Trivia apps have skyrocketed in popularity over the last year, but the App Store has been missing a game that is for movie lovers, by movie lovers,” said Milo Gibson, creator of Race to Fame. “Race to Fame isn’t just answering questions, either. It’s a variety of fun mini-games that keep people engaged and truly tests their knowledge of Hollywood.”


- Connect with Facebook and show off your score

- A myriad of trivia questions spanning several decades of entertainment, and a wide variety of celebs, directors and film hits that will test even the most hardcore film buffs

- Word search, matching games and multiple-choice questions give the challenges variety and depth

Race to Fame is available for free on the iTunes App Store: