European Beer Market Trends & Analysis

The beer market in Europe has experienced tough times over the last seven years. The market is dominated by brands produced industrially; however, regional beer producers and microbreweries are gaining in popularity among beer consumers and regional breweries are gradually increasing their share in the European market.

Features and benefits

  • The case study includes the beer market growth in terms of the consumption as well as value. It looks at the present and future trend of the market.
  • Gives an insight at the present, fast changing trends among the beer consumer and analyses the consumer buying customers.


The global beer consumption in 2013 reached 123.1 billion litters, 2.6% higher than in the previous year. It was the 28th consecutive year of annual growth, with the exception of 2009. China is unquestionable leader in beer consumption with 52.5 billion litters of beer consumed in 2013.

European beer market products are sold all over the world. In terms of production volume, European brewers account for one-quarter of total world production, and the region remains one of the biggest players in the global market, having only recently been overtaken by China (2011).

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Your key questions answered

  • What does the European beer market is looking like in terms of volume and value?
  • What are the main factors behind the on-going swift towards regional products in European beer market?

Table of Contents


Global Beer Market Will Continue to Grow
Global beer market will grow over the next four years with compound annual growth rate of 2.5%
Use of hops, barley, and malt in beer production process should stay unchanged

European Beer Market is Undergoing Change
European beer market expected to grow by 7% by 2017
European Beer market has huge potential
European beer market has undergone a variety of structural changes

New Trends are Evolving
Consumers choosing new flavors
Regional brewers are the winners
Local brands are becoming more visible
German beer market is committed to regional tradition
The British enjoy the taste of beers from small breweries
After three years of stagnation beer consumption is on the rise in Poland

The Prospect of Market Development
The regional beer market will keep on growing
No need for expensive advertising campaigns

Total beer consumption volume has stagnated
Consumer tastes are changing
Bright future for regional players

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List of Tables

Table: Number of breweries in selected European countries

List of Figures

Figure: European beer market growth; volume (million liters) and value in million US$
Figure: Global beer market share by volume (million liters)
Figure: Top ten beer consuming country in the world (billion liters per year)
Figure: European beer market value (in billion US$) and volume consumed (billion liters) in 2013
Figure: Beer consumption per capita by country (in liters) and % of the on-trade share in the beer market in 2013
Figure: Global beer market share in 2013 (%)
Figure: Comparison of on-trade and off-trade in the UK 2000 - 2013 (in ‘000 barrels)

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