Angular JS Training In Pune

                                                                                Angular JS Training In Pune

Taking into consideration the growing demand of creating dynamic web sites and web applications that are responsive and easy to test,  

ETLhive comes up with an effectively organised and structured course in Angular JS which is highly beneficial for the Web Designers/Developers. 

The knowledge provided by the ETLhive professionals enables the Web Developers to transform the traditional HTML into dynamic user interfaces.

Not limited to this aspect of the Angular JS framework, the course also imparts learning on how to create, maintain, and test the Client-side Code effectively.

Angular JS with its increasing popularity and easy to use directives has become an important declarative programming schema, which the trainees must 

learn to become successful Client-Side Application Developers. The training provided at the ETLhive ensures this success by focussing on the advanced concepts of 

Angular JS such as DOM Event Handling, Client-Side Routing, Testing, Multi-Device Implementation, XHR Communication, and MEAN Stack Development.        

Who should opt for this course?

This course is designed for Web Developers, Web Designers, and for the individuals who have mastered Java Script

and wish to carve a niche for themselves in the Web developing.  

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Moderate knowledge of HTML and in-depth knowledge of Java Script will be beneficial.

Course and its Structure

Introduction to Angular JS

- Overview of Angular JS

- Working of Angular JS

- creating Web Page with Angular JS

- Hello World Angular JS

- Angular JS Modules

- Binding and Modules

- Easy Declarative Module

- Module Setup

- Creating a Module

- Module Architecture

- Creating and Using Controllers

- Filtering Data

- Usage of In-built Filters

- Using Custom Filters

- Directives

- View Management and Routing

- Services and External Data

- Understand JavaScript MVC

- what is Angular2

- What is Typescript and Setting up of Angular2 project for development

- Angular2 Architecture of SPA Apps

- Creating Components using Typescript

- Dependency Injection

- Sharing data and functionality between components

- DOM and custom Events for data sharing.