Mexico's Banco Interacciones Enters Asia

HONG KONG/MEXICO CITY, APRIL 15 2014 – Banco Interacciones announced its intentions to seriously explore opportunities in Asia through the assignment of a dedicated team and office based in the region.

This follows Interacciones participation as key sponsor and participant of the 5th Latin America China Investors Forum in Beijing and 2nd Latin America Korea Investors Forum in Seoul last September. During that visit to the Chinese and South Korean capitals, the bank’s senior management met with leading private and public enterprises.

“Banco Interacciones has been visiting Asia over the course of the past 2 years and is convinced of the potential that exists in cross-continent transactions in various sectors. Mexico offers tremendous investment opportunities in infrastructure projects for Asian companies in the ports, railway and energy sectors. In addition to this Mexico is the most viable strategic base for Asian companies wanting to operate in the Americas.” Gerardo Salazar, CEO.

Banco Interacciones is the largest infrastructure and government project related bank in Mexico, and as such is actively and directly involved with the development of projects aligned with the Mexican government’s plans to transform the nation.

Interacciones has selected Hong Kong as its base of representation in Asia. The territory’s strategic geographic position offers efficient access to all major points in the Asia-Pacific region and to key players in its financial markets.

About Banco Interacciones:

Banco Interacciones is a subsidiary of Grupo Financiero Interacciones, one of Mexico’s leading financial groups. The bank specializes in infrastructure financing, government banking services, public works financing and SME banking related to government projects. Banco Interacciones was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Mexico City.