A Black Owned Search Engine Uplifts the Black Community

February 20, 2015

What would happen if black people began to perceive themselves as one global people?

Today many African Americans see themselves as a group of people that are separate and distinct from Africans.

Things are not much better in Africa, a continent comprised of 54 countries and literally thousands of tribes and cultures divided over 1 billion people. Nigerians see themselves as separate and distinct from Kenyans, the same way African Americans see themselves apart from Ethiopians.

The fact of the matter is that all black people of African descent are indeed African but with separate cultures. For example, African Americans, Afro British, Afro-Canadian's and Afro-Colombians are all essentially African, even though many have adopted a culture of a different countries due to the transatlantic slave trade.

Not only did the slave trade separate blacks from their homeland of Africa physically, but it also caused a separation in culture, religion, music, language and many things that one would identify with to call themselves a member of a particular people. is a black owned search engine seeking to connect black people around the planet and raise awareness to the fact that what black people have in common is a deeply rich and awe inspiring history.

Currently, there are over 1 billion black people on the planet and by 2050 blacks will be the largest group of people on the planet for the first time in 100 years. This fact begs a very important question: What would happen to black people economically, politically and socially if they were to think, and most importantly, act in a global and unified manner?

Can the purchasing power of black people be combined for a greater good? Can black people in richer countries invest in blacks in emerging nations to create a win-win scenario for blacks on both sides of the planet?

What would the lives of African Americans be like if they took their 1.1 trillion dollar buying power and began investing monies in booming African markets like Nigeria? Nigeria is a country whose population exceeds 170 million people, they have a booming stock market, real estate market and the largest economy in sub Sahara Africa recently surpassing South Africa.

Black Results has committed to invest 20% of all of its net profits towards business start-ups or the expansion of black owned micro enterprises around the globe, through its partnership with the Kiva foundation. The company is relying on members of the black community to visit the website, set their home page to and participate in making change happen.

Black Results has an advertising program to give black business owners free advertising exposure.

The search engine has partnered with over 18,000 merchants, who represent the top 90% of online retailers with big names such as Amazon, Target, and even Best Buy. These top merchants donate a percentage of the profits towards the social mission of whenever a purchase is made using the search engine. is very simple to use...just like any other search engine.  Simply search and shop with the merchants that display the special black link symbol next to their listing in the search results.  This one simple action is enough to make a tremendous improvement in the lives of so many people around the globe.

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