mightyDoes Launches New Home Maintenance & Repair Services: Opens Service complex to every single one confidential Fleets

Whether you need a fully-staffed, on-site profitable possessions maintenance team and a small stuff goods set of relations solution leveraging our service midpoint and portable service system, MightyDoes has the right answer for your building preservation needs.

Home maintenance and repair services warning residents to be wary of home repair cheat artists offering their services to customers who have lost their homes in wild fires.  

Unlicensed contractors offering reasonably priced home repairs and improvement are scamming many inhabitants who have been wounded of the fresh fires. Many of these contractors stop by without prior notice and say they have extra materials they want to use up or maintain they have been working in the region and have time to fasten your home. MightyDoes taking the expert person who known that how to maintenance the all services.These contractors domination cash spending for their services and over and over another time arraign far more for their work than in the commencement approved engaging. 

  • Repair people who claim they are operational in the district and have time to fix your residence
  • Repair people who offer to do a ‘free’ safety examination of your home. 
  • Repair people who command expenditure in cash only. 
  • Repair people who are not capable services.
  • Repair people who take a ‘quick look’ around your property then say you need a major repair. 
  • Repair people who cannot provide a local address or telephone number for their company. 


Customers should also make sure the recognition of all repairmen and inspectors to make sure the corporation or service provider that was hired employs them. Before hiring any person, ask friends for recommendation, get several estimates, compare prices and check references.   

Once repairs are underway, arrange to make expenditure in installment and pay the last payment only after the job is complete to your happiness. Most important, always get a receipt. 


Contact Information


Name: Dylan Ohana

Company: MightyDoes

Telphone: 713-998-9360

Address: Contact Information
Name: Dylan Ohana
Company: MightyDoes
Telphone: 713-998-9360
Address: Contact Information
9113 Harbor Hills Dr
Houston, TX 77054
Tel: (713) 998-9306