Ball Markers - The Unsung Hero of Golf Accessories

Golf is one particular sport that seems to continually be growing in popularity. That might have something to accomplish with the fact that it can be played alone or inside a group. And as opposed to several sports where age decreases your functionality, that is not necessarily the case. In truth, lots of just get better at golf with age. Possibly because they've a lot more time to play the older they get. Or possibly because much more business is performed on the golf course.

A single of the interesting points about golf is noticing all of the unique accessories that golfers, each recreational and experienced, make use of. One such accessory is tools for marking golf balls. These can variety from a coin for instance a dime or penny to a bought ball marker. They steer clear of the hassle of somebody obtaining to chip around the green each of the when hoping to not hit your fantastic putt lie. We all know how frustrating it is to not mark your ball only to have it struck by another ball and knocked off that wonderful lie you had.

Ball markers are great tools for marking golf balls. Some of them clip on a cap or visor so you constantly have them with you. Many are customized with initials or the name from the golf course or country club where you purchased it. And they usually include a divot repairer, an additional indispensable golf accessory. Some have even gone hi-tech. They now have magnetic markers. You attach a magnet to the end of the putter and it will choose up the marker without having you having to bend down to obtain it just before you putt. And in case you consider they are just for men you will be wrong. There are many wonderful ball markers for girls and girls the come in the shape or flowers and butterflies. They commonly sport a shade of pink or purple, too.

So the next time that you are searching for golf accessories for that special golfer inside your life, don't over tools for marking golf balls. They are available in fantastic colors and designs which can fit anyone's taste. You'll be able to even personalize them for wedding souvenirs with the satisfied couple's initials or monogram on them. You could also place them in present bags for golf tournaments or other events. They may be one gift that will not sit on a shelf waiting to be made use of because as any golfer knows they come in handy throughout each and every round of golf. And they may be terrific for displaying your pride whether or not it be to the Army or Marines, Callaway or Titleist, or Princeton or Yale.

If you want a practical but functional golf accessory, appear to tools for marking golf balls. Frequently below estimated but hardly ever underused.

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