Cattery Services Stoke-on-Trent

When you begin to plan a vacation, you think about several organizational issues and if you own a pet, perhaps one of the most burning questions is: What will I do with it? A solution which is more and more appreciated is the Cattery Stroke-on-Trent. Here at Meadows Cattery and Animal Feeds your cat will benefit from the Cattery Services Stroke-on-Trent we have to offer. Read further in order to find out more about this company!

You have decided to go on a vacation but you will not want to stress your cat with a trip by plane, train or car. If during this trip you cannot leave your pet with your friend or family, the cat can stay at a hostel created especially for cats. This cattery is open 7 days a week and you have to get your cat vaccinated before bringing it here. If you want to find out more information or book a place, call us!

Meadows Cattery and Animal Feeds is owned by Linda Winter for the past 20 years. Moreover, for the past ten years we have housed a shop where you can find animal feed and other items related to pets, such as hay, shavings, straw, bedding, boots, lead ropes, horse rugs, head collars, grooming and First Aid products, NAF products, Nettex Supplements, riding hats, clothing for riders. The feeds we provide are for horses, wild birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and chickens.

In this Cattery Stroke-on-Trent we also breed British Short Haired cats and you will be able to buy them occasionally. More about the origins and appearance of this type of cats you can find on our website if you care to take a look there. Check out our Gallery as we have posted some photos. We are waiting for the testimonials of some of our clients in order to upload them on our website. In order to find us, we have offered you clear instructions on the website.

The prices for this Cattery Stroke-on-Trent are £5 per day or 2 cats in one pen £9 per day. This is the ideal solution for your cat during the period when you have other obligations or you want to go on holiday. By offering our Cattery Services Stroke-on-Trent, we want to show that we care about the pets’ needs and we can provide them with a safe, comfortable and supervised place where the owners can leave their beloved animals.

Among the Cattery Services Stroke-on-Trent we have to offer, the animals will benefit from 24h supervision and they will have their own individual units. We guarantee that we will take good care of them and that we will give them all the attention they require. We can administer medication and accommodate diets and we will supply bed and bedding. You won’t have to bring toys, because we will provide them as well as scratch posts.

Choose this Cattery Stroke-on-Trent and your cat will be pleased with the arrangements you have made while benefitting from the Cattery Services Stroke-on-Trent!