Playstation 4 Remains The Top-Seller For Four Consecutive Months

The video game market in the US experienced a surge in the sales of consoles in the month of April this year. According to market research firms, this surge is due to the introduction of the Sony’s PlayStation 4. The sales of game consoles have increased to 76 % and reached to about US $ 193 million during 2014 April when compared to the sales a year ago. According to the market research firm NDP, the overall sales of video games increased 17% and reached US $580.3 million, compared to the same period during the last year. Sony’s PlayStation 4 has become the top-selling game console for the fourth month in succession this year. Microsoft’s console Xbox One is the next leading brand in the market. 

The Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing, Guy Longworth, is happy that the inFamous: Second Son, which was falling in the top charts in the United Kingdom emerged as the top-selling title in April in United States. Sony launched their PS 4 in November last year. Sony Corp. believes that the social features, powerful graphics and immersive game play of the PlayStation games have attracted the customers. The company thanked the customers for their support given to PS 4. According to Guy Longworth, the demand for the PS 4 has increased than its supply and the company is working hard to meet the demand and to provide the required inventory. Code PSN Gratuit The estimates show that the total amount spent on video games in US amounts to a billion dollars, adding the non-traditional channels of creating revenue such as: mobile apps, rentals, subscriptions, playing in social networks, digital downloads, etc. The toughest competition in the US video game market is between Sony and Microsoft and hence Microsoft is planning on a reduced price version of its console Xbox One, which will be coming without the ‘kinetic motion’ detection method.