The 5 Inevitable Laws of Efffective Communication

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The 5 Inevitable Laws of Efffective Communication in one word that reflects the essence of communication itself is REACH, Because the real communication is basically how our efforts grabbed the attention, love, interest, concern, sympathy, response, and a positive response from others.

Respect is the first law in that we communicate with others. Remember that in principle a human want to be valued and considered important. If we even have to criticize or scold someone, do it with full respect for the dignity of a person.
Empathy is our ability to put ourselves in situations or conditions faced by others. One of the main prerequisites have empathy is our ability to listen or understand first before heard or understood by others.
Meaning of audible : can be heard or understood well. If empathy means we have to hear it first or able to accept feedback well, then audible means to convey the message that we can be accepted by the recipient of the message.
Clarity can also mean openness and transparency. In communicating we need to develop an open attitude.
The fifth law in establishing effective communication is humility. This attitude is an element associated with the first law to establish a sense of respect for others, usually based on humility.

If the communication that we build is based on five basic laws of effective communication, then we can become a powerful communicator

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