Year-Round Seal of Protection from Edge Pest Control

Edge Pest Control takes a more proactive approach in keeping customers satisfied with their Year-Round Seal of Protection. The company takes the necessary steps to ensure properties stay clean and safe from seasonal invaders and pests.


[Denver, 6/5/2014] -  Edge Pest Control takes a more active approach in enhancing customer satisfaction with their Year-Round Seal of Protection. As a leading provider of pest control services, Edge takes the necessary steps to keep properties clean and safe from seasonal invaders and pests. The company provides the most effective solutions available to eliminate infestation before it causes more problems to the property.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

With the extensive knowledge of their team, Edge has come to understand how insects and other invaders act when the season changes. According to the company, every season brings its own set of pests - from winter rodents to summer wasps. The Year-Round Seal of Protection assures customers will receive immediate response from Edge once these pests start infesting the property.

The Year-Round Seal of Protection is part of Edge's Four-Star Guarantee on Product, Re-Service, Price, and Pest Control. Through this seal, customers can expect high-standard service throughout their agreement term without worrying about added costs.


Customized Pest Protection Programs

Combining their team's expertise and knowledge, the company customizes pest protection programs and implements comprehensive plans to drive away seasonal invaders from the property and maintain barriers to keep pests at bay.

The company sends licensed professionals to inspect the property and determine the areas where existing or possible infestation may occur. Following the inspection, the team will develop the appropriate program to address problem areas. Services may include interior and exterior treatment, baiting, trapping, and other solutions to eliminate the infestation.

Edge continues to promote proactive methodologies when it comes to pest control. The company follows strict guidelines to ensure customers get the best results for their pest control needs.


About Edge Pest Control

Edge Pest Control has been offering residential and commercial pest control services since 2008. The company started out in Denver, and has since expanded to several other locations - Austin, TX; Kansas City, KS; Salt Lake City, UT; and the recently opened a branch in Portland, OR. Edge is home to a team of highly-qualified professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in pest control projects. Throughout their years of service, the company has achieved substantial growth and success due to its solid customer base.

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