‘Collaboration Economy’ to hit the stands in May

CALIFORNIA, 24th MARCH 2014: Networking is the backbone of marketing and this notion has proven time and again to be true. Businesses of today have to line their ducks to get the lion’s share and a good start working towards this goal would be to look at how best to lay the ‘networking foundation’. While the interpretation of the subject can vary from business to business, ‘Collaboration Economy’, a book co-authored by John Spencer Ellis and Topher Morrison is all set for the big release on May 6th.

The book is what the business community truly needs as it talks in length about the benefits of networking and its role in securing profits. The small business owner of today is tomorrow’s big fish in the pond. The book specifically discusses strategies on how a small business owner can aim big and become successful in his niche market segment.

‘Collaboration Economy’ emphasizes on how making the right team can make all the difference in the world. It talks about how small businesses can hire the right people, get into mutually beneficial partnerships, joint ventures etc. to gain a competitive edge in the market. It is the best source of information on ‘how to do it all!’.

The best feature of the book is that it is free from any marketing jargon and technicalities. The easy to apply strategies are for anyone and everyone. Even those who don’t quite have the experience or the expertise to make it big can achieve miracles using the content of this book.

About Us:

John Spencer Ellis is the fitness guru and marketing extraordinaire who engages extensively in studying the nuances of the fitness marketing landscape. Topher Morrison is a personal training and speaking expert who has the best pulse on how the market is changing and how businesses can invest in personality development to go up the ladder.

The fact that these authority figures have joined hands in penning the ‘Collaboration Economy’ together goes to show the kind of knowledge treat readers can expect to get. It is a complete must read for new business owners and also for those who want to improve on their business and attain long term growth and sustenance. To know more and find out about the special offers, log onto

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