Fighting The Obesity Epidemic In A Healthy Way

Medical weight loss Renton consists of a physician-supervised weight loss program that is planned by experts in medicine, public health, diet and fitness. The physicians and medical professionals at the clinic formulate a weight loss plan based on the present condition and medical history of the patient and provide the guidance and support needed to arrive at the goal weight and switch to an improved lifestyle.

Obesity is an endemic that is far more hazardous than many people comprehend as it amplifies the possibility of developing diabetes, soaring blood pressure, coronary disease, arthritis and other severe disorders. The medical weight loss Renton presents personalized medical weight loss solutions to help people struggling with weight issues, no matter how big or small. The medical weight loss centre is a place where all facets of weight gain, weight loss and weight maintenance is investigated to facilitate people have lasting success for better health.

What Gives The Medical Weight Loss Approach An Edge?

Considering that each patient is unique, wide range of weight management options are offered to the patients under the medical weight loss programs. Every patient obtains personalized attention and care, as well as a weight loss program tailored to his or her situation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, particularly when patients come in all shapes and sizes. Patients can opt from an extensive array of uncomplicated treatments including

•    Nutritional and weight loss sessions by an expert physician

•    Bio-identical hormone replacement treatment

•    Energy boosting injections

What’s So Special About The Weight Loss Programs?

The most expedient and quick program is the “Burn and Boost” program under which patients can lose up to 10 pounds per month through a unique reduced-calorie diet plan and pharmaceutical-grade supplements. The program is monitored by a qualified dietitian, exercise physiologist and nurse practitioner. With a focus on enhancing overall health, instructive classes are offered on a regular basis together with individual counseling sessions. In contrast to most weight management programs that concentrate on containing the appetite and restricting food intake, Renton medical weight loss program will instruct the patients on what foods to consume that will optimize nutrition and support fat-burning. Moderation, instead of deprivation, is its philosophy to a lifetime of healthy eating.

Is The Medical Weight Loss Center Accomodating To Patients’ Needs?

The medical weight loss centre at Renton assures patients that the staff adheres to the utmost standards of care and has a brilliant track record of offering safe and effective weight loss services to patients. The medical team draw from years of combined experience to assist clients shed pounds with diverse medically supervised weight-loss programs. The dedicated staff of the clinic can provide the assistance and guidance patients require embarking on a better lifestyle. So patients can visit one of the leading Renton Medical Weight Loss Clinic for a free consultation and change their life forever!

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