Better ROI from Everest Advocates

[Delta, UT, 1/14/2014] – Everest Advocates, a premier company based in Utah that provides a number of services to increase preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance revenue, backs dentists in recognizing the highest profit from their services.

The company sees the importance of understanding the process of dental insurance, its coverage, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, Everest Advocates aims to help dentists across the US understand PPO dental plan fees, reimbursement rates, and dental insurance in general. The firm also assists dentists with negotiation of dental insurance rates to maximize profits.

Foundation for Negotiations

A complete understanding of the client’s needs and unique situation is the best way to start the negotiation process. Everest Advocates starts by researching their client’s practice. They review present billing codes and services, and build a case for higher dental reimbursement rates. The company also compiles a list of all the insurance providers that have connections with their client’s dental practice. Everest Advocates gathers information about the exact date their clients started working with PPOs and other important information.

Leverage Points

Everest Advocates helps clients understand the areas where they have leverage. The firm also helps dentists identify what kind of area they practice in – whether it’s a rural or urban area. This is important, considering that Medicaid provides higher dental reimbursement rates to those who work more than 25 miles from a city. For dental providers who practice in rural areas, Everest Advocates assists them and negotiates dental insurance rates that match the higher Medicaid reimbursement schedule.

Formula for Success

Everest Advocates is composed of qualified and committed experts who work to maximize insurance profitability for all clients. Their impressive commitment to quality service has helped them establish a tradition of excellence. Clients can expect the company to connect them to the right people and negotiate their dental insurance rates effectively.

About Everest Advocates

Everest Advocates aims to provide dentists with PPO reimbursements that serve their practices better. Through the company’s relationship capital, their qualified team, and their effective method for success, Everest Advocates helps clients generate more profit. The company commits dozens of man hours per client to improve their bottom line. To know more about the firm’s services, visit