International Climbers' Festival

Founded in 1994 by Todd Skinner

How does the International Climbers’ Festival serve Lander?
The International Climbers’ Festival (ICF) celebrates and promotes the sport of climbing for the people of Wyoming and the greater climbing community. The famous and unique Lander summer event contributes significantly to local tourism and commerce. Beyond the annual festival, the organization cultivates a vibrant local climbing community throughout the year and focuses on the development and safety of Lander climbing areas, as well as the education of local youth climbers.

How will your Challenge for Charities donation to International Climbers’ Festival make a difference in Lander this year?
Funds raised will continue the development of programs to engage Lander youth in the sport of rock climbing. Last year’s Challenge for Charities funds helped to support five programs designed for kids ages 5-18 to learn rock climbing safety and skills. Donations will also help to ensure the longevity and safety of climbing in the Lander area by funding B.A.R.F. (Lander Bolt Anchor Replacement Fund). Donors may also distinguish if they’d like their donation to be earmarked specifically for youth climbing or BARF, if not, it will go to both programs.

How else can you help the International Climbers’ Festival?
Community members can volunteer to support the annual Festival, to support youth climbing events, to coordinate fundraising initiatives, and contribute to the bolting and re-bolting of routes.

What else?
The International Climbers’ Festival is the longest running climbing festival in the world! 2014 will be its 21st year. The festival has made Lander well-known and well-loved in the worldwide climbing community.

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Challenge for Charities is a community fundraiser benefiting 35 nonprofits from May 1 - July 11, 2014.
The event also sponsors the July 4th Lander Half Marathon and 5 K run/walk and a 1-mile youth mad dash.
To donate to a charity or to register for the races: