Author Gary Wittmann Releases Latest Book Detailing The Benefits Of The Paleo Super Food Diet Plan

January 7, 2014 – The Paleo diet plan has a new advocate in author Gary Wittmann who just released his latest book detailing the benefits of this popular diet plan. The book, titled “Paleo Super Food Diet Plan” was released on December 17, 2013 and is currently available in paperback and for the Kindle


Wittmann writes 73 pages to answer many of the questions consumers have about the Paleo diet plan. Wittmann also divides his time in the book between answering these four basic questions, listing the ten top benefits of the plan and detailing the ten super foods that make up the Paleo diet. The Book also has a bonus of a 397 page Paleo Recipes and a website to find the hard Paleo foods.


The questions addressed get to the heart of this diet program and address the concepts involved in Paleo, the assumptions made when created a Paleo diet meal plan, the values of the plan, and the key practices people engage in when they try the Paleo plan.


The benefits section of the book speaks to the key health benefits individuals can expect when they choose to follow the Paleo diet plan. These include the ability to better meet nutrition goals, the elimination of processed foods and refined sugars, a healthier brain, better gut health, increased fiber consumption, increased energy and leaner muscles. Best of all according to Wittmann, the person following the Paleo diet does not have to count portions or calories.


The Paleo diet is a unique program that requires the consumer to obtain specific foods and often, those interested in the plan get frustrated with how and where to find these foods. Wittmann comes to the rescue by detailing the various Paleo foods and giving advice on how to find and prepare them. Wittmann begins by letting the reader know that Paleo requires cooking and eating at home, so a new mindset is often required. Wittmann also advises Paleo adherents to clean their kitchens and change their shopping habits and evaluate their budgets to make sure they can incorporate and maintain the Paleo lifestyle.


“Paleo Super Food Diet Plan” is currently a bestseller on and is quickly becoming the book of choice for those who want to know about the Paleo plan. Wittmann’s book is currently available onAmazon and is 73 pages with a download file size of 2105 KB