New BC Real Estate Course to Earn Real Estate License in Just 6 Weeks

Vancouver, Canada, April 24, 2014: Real estate is a highly promising sector where qualified professionals are making big bucks. This fact inspires many to join the sector and start their career as a real estate professional. However, like any other niche, real estate too is a specialized field and one needs to have sector-specific skills to achieve success. This is the reason why a Real Estate License is often seen as a desired prerequisite to excel in the real estate business. Now, Vancouver based real estate preparatory course trainers and facilitators introduce their highly focused education that can help a person to become a certified real estate professional in just 6 weeks.

They have several types of courses, such as in-class and online courses, and one can choose one according to his/her preferences. They guarantee highly focused attention to all their students and make sure that they successfully pass the Real Estate Course and enter the professional arena with better knowledge, skills and an enhanced confidence. Their training guarantees a 95% success rate, because the team of instructors comprises of seasoned professionals coming from various related backgrounds. They have lawyers, realtors, chartered accountants, bankers, tutors and others in their team who endeavor to provide the best knowledge and the practical understanding of the emerging real estate business.

Speaking about the importance of the BC Real Estate License, Manijeh Moieni, the lawyer and educator associated with the training team, states, “A qualified professional always has a greater success rate and can make big in the real estate business. We focus more on imparting the practical skills that can prove more helpful in real business situations.” They provide comprehensive training material and in-person interactive instructions that help learn the complexities of the real estate business in a rather simple manner.

In the reality, the BC Real Estate Course aims at creating a new breed of professionally capable and successful real estate professionals. This Vancouver based Real Estate School offers specialized and flexible courses for people to gain the necessary knowledge at their own pace. In order to learn more about them and their courses, one may visit the website

About BC Real Estate Course

BC Real Estate Course brings in-class and online training for earning a real estate license. They provide highly focused training with extensive course material for students to earn practical knowledge about the real estate business. With a success rate of 95%, they guarantee a real estate license in just 6 weeks.

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