Rees Crane Tech Co Ltd to showcase its wares in the carton fair show

The leading lifting equipment and services provider in china, Rees Crane Tech Co Ltd will be showcasing its wares in the big show carton fair which is coming next month.

The company which specializes in manufacturing of the lifting equipments has been described as a professional manufacturer providing quality equipment and services to customers from varied industries.

“Customers looking for professional and reliable products and services will find Rees Crane Tech Co Ltd a perfect choice, “said the company representative while announcing the company participation in the big show Carton Fair.

The customer in need of cranes and other lifting equipment have an option of buying customized products. In this case, the company communicates with the customer giving the general drawings, with numerous revisions until the customer is satisfied. The crane is fabricated and tested using the testing platform at the company facilities. For the users who are overseas, the company can send the engineer to the site to offer the supervision in the installation of the crane.

According to the company representative, Rees Crane Tech Co Ltd is not only interested in selling the lifting equipments to its customers but also in making sure they get a product which will serve their needs. The engineers normally gets more information from the customer in order to serve them better, they make sure they understand the needs in order to offer a solution which work. The products come with the manual of installation to the user making it easier to handle, in situation where the customer may need assistance in the installation, the engineers are willing to help along that end.
“Our fifteen years experience in the field, the professional and highly qualified engineers, commitment to quality and wide reach makes us the best provider of lifting equipment services,”said the company representative while appealing to the customers to take advantage of the Carton Show to learn more about the products offered by Rees Crane Tech Co Ltd.

About Rees Crane Tech Co Ltd

Rees Crane Tech Co Ltd is a crane manufacturer in China providing quality products which achieve client satisfaction. The company provides wide range of lifting equipment and services all over China. Rees Crane Tech Company designs, builds, sells and installs standard cranes as well as customized cranes according to the customer specifications.  The Rees Crane Tech experts have more than 15 years experience, well knowledgeable in the areas of crane manufacturing. The company has also acquired enormous global market experience, making it a preferred choice for lifting equipments and services. The company has an ISO 9001:2008 certification, recognition for its high quality maintenance. The company makes use of all the latest tools and techniques to manufacture cranes that give the optimal performance. As a Crane manufacturer in China the company offers a wide range of cranes, various industries.


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