Which One Is Better For Good Health - Green Tea Or White Tea

White tea and green tea have grabbed the hearts of tea lovers all over the world. Which is better for health - green tea or white tea? This is a common question heard from many faces. Let’s see here how white tea and green tea boost your energy level naturally. White tea is usually described for teas made from buds of tea plants. When compared to green tea and black tea, the leaves of white tea are not oxidized for use. 

As per research, it is found that you need almost 10,000 buds to produce a single kilogram of white tea. So also, the cost of white tea is more when compared to green tea and black tea. White tea is usually air withered and dried in sunlight to get maximum health benefit. At times, some external heat is given to make drying of leaves fast.

Today, you can get white tea as a mixture of buds and leaves from online market. White tea with a delicate floral flavor is enriched with amazing health benefits. Presence of catechins is one of the main features of white tea. It can minimize the risk of many chronic issues like heart diseases and catechins. Improved memory retention is another main feature of white tea. For example, epicatechin is found to be very helpful to retain memory power in animals.

When compared to green tea, white tea is equipped with more health benefits. Many animal studies and researches have proved this fact clearly in recent times. Unlike taking buds in white tea, you may use leaves for the preparation of green tea. It is usually steamed and dried with the help of a heater to preserve its taste. When compared to white eta, green teas are slightly astringent in taste.

Taste of green teas usually varies from one product to another depending on various flavors and brands. Studies say that including green tea in daily diet can minimize the risk of health issues like psoriasis and memory loss. Improving cardiovascular function is an important health benefit of including white tea and green tea in daily diet. It reduces LDL cholesterol level and minimizes the risk of health issues like heart diseases. Hence all in search of a natural remedy to minimize heart ailments can include green tea in their daily diet.

We are now going to see how green teas and white teas can improve the immunity health of body. Presence of antioxidant is responsible for this health benefit. It fights against free radicals and minimizes health issues like heart attack. High blood pressure is found to be as a main cause of many health risks like heart diseases. If you wish to reduce high blood pressure naturally, feel free to include green tea in daily diet. To attain the best health benefit, it is recommended to drink green tea twice per day after meals. Today, you can easily get both green tea and white tea packets from store. For the best health advantage, try to select green tea manufactured by a reliable company like Ayush Tea Store.

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