Send a floral gift to your loved ones

An online presence is not an option anymore. It has become a necessity. With the fast paced advancements, everything is going online and why not? It has a better readership, global audience and more accessible to anybody anywhere. Right from newspapers to merchandise, from book stores to flower shops - everything is available online thanks to the Internet. It is one of the efficient ways to maximize in the digital market and attract the global audience and the good news is business can happen anytime and anywhere.

Dubai which is the ultimate shopper’s paradise has also various retail chains that have opened up online stores for better availability to the global customers. In order to expand business, florists in Dubai are providing the service of placing an order of flower arrangement to be delivered exclusively in Dubai. This has not only made flower sending convenient but has also advocated the benefits of an online flower store. This will not only reduce any middleman in the process but you will also have to pay only for what you order. It is very useful for people who do not have the time to visit the shop physically and can just go online, select the flowers and order it for delivery.

But how on earth will you know whether the services of the particular florist you choose are authentic or not? Well here are some essentials that can help you in the selection of the most reliable and responsible online florists:

• Which area do the florists cover for delivery?

If you are keen on sending flowers in Dubai you have see that the florist you choose will deliver your order to that particular location within Dubai or not. A good florist in Dubai will provide delivery services on all 7 days of the week including holidays and Fridays.
•   How long does it take for delivery?

The florists should have flexible time shifts when they can make the delivery within a day. For the case of same day delivery, the order should be placed 3 or 4 hours in advance. However timings may differ on Valentine’s Day since it is the busiest day for the florists.

•   Do I get the same thing I order? Can I add more gifts?

A reliable florist will ensure that you get exact arrangement of flowers that you have ordered for. In case of any changes or unavailability of flowers, the florist will inform you and will not make the delivery without your consent. They should also use fresh blooms for their arrangements so that it looks fresh and beautiful on delivery.
An expert florist will also have room for you to add extra gifts with your flower order like cards, teddy bear, cakes, chocolates, or balloons. Extra charges will apply for it.

•   How do I make the payment?

A responsible florist should facilitate to accept payments by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cash collection. You can also transfer the money using Western Union Money Transfer if you are placing the order from outside the UAE.
•   Is the service guaranteed?

A dependable florist will understand your requirement and will offer the services so that you are not disappointed with their services. They guarantee to deliver your order on the same date within their stated time unless any changes are to be done.
So now with the advent of online florists, anyone can buy flowers online by simply using the easiest order handing out website. So place your order and get flowers delivered to your loved ones today. 

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