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Lifestyle Safety Tubs, a premier walk-in tubs manufacturing company now offers a wide selection of walk-ins and safety tubs with special facilities at lowest prices. These walk-ins have been designed to provide safety access to disabled individuals, elderly, people with special needs and children, to avoid slipping incidences. The tubs come with a variety of features, including hydrotherapy, jet-sprays and massagers for promoting circulation in legs along with LED lights. The two general varieties include ‘The Euro Selection’ and ‘The Victorian Selection,’ both of which are further divided in four different types of walk-ins. Euro Selection walk-ins are priced at the starting range of $1,699, while Victorian Selection prices start from $3,899. All the products are manufactured in USA.

The spokesperson discussed different types of products offered by the company and said, “Currently we have Euro, Elan, Envy and Elite Safety tubs offered in Euro and Victorian Range. While the Euro Range includes Hydrotherapy features, along with heated blower, massage jets, fully rotational jets, in-line heater and LED color changing lights among other features, Victorian range includes Removable access panels, adjustable door handles, modern wall fall faucet among other technologies, including twenty minutes purge cycle.”

Established in 1997, Lifestyle Industries is a family business, which offers walk-ins entirely made in US. The basic price for Euro Safety-Tub is $1,699, which includes a variety of base features and has been designed for assisted bather function. The product can be used for assisted living communities and hospice care. For hydrotherapy benefits, other walk-ins, including Elan Model are available, which provide leg circulation movement. The company also offers Elite Model for Overall hydrotherapy benefits and an Envy Model for back therapy. Priced at $1,899, $2,199, $2,699 for Elan, Envy and Elite respectively, these walk-ins provide twenty minutes purge cycle and can be customized for requirements.

The Victorian Selection of products is priced from $3,899, offering different designs and Victorian themed bathtub styles. The higher models also feature in-line heater, air jet mixture, exclusive color changing LED and heated blower for circulation of warm air.

The spokesperson added, “Our basic Euro Models have been designed for assisted care. But all our products are safety tubs, with walk-in feature, which ensures that individuals don’t slip. We currently offer tubs larger than regular tubs, with special seating area. The higher models also include hydrotherapy benefits and the jets are designed to be angled on the back side, ensuring that there isn’t a chance of sitting water.”
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About Lifestyle Industries
A family business, Lifestyle Industries was established in 1997 and deals with safety, walk-in tubs. The products are built in the USA and have sitting options with easy drainage, making them more accessible, safe and luxurious. The tubs are available in four different varieties, including Envy, Elite, Euro and Elan.