The artist from famous Fine Arte Store will teach people how to maintain the reproduction oil paintings

China - How to well protect the reproduction oil paintings in peacetime? This should be a commonly question from most of consumers who have every purchase the reproduction oil paintings from which is the best China supplier for custom oil painting. Now, the artist from this China studio would introduce with people some useful methods of oil painting protection.

First, after purchasing the reproduction oil painting, people can pain a thin layer of the turpentine with the pre-dissolved natural beeswax on the back of the canvas. This kind of layer could largely prevent the damage of moisture to the reproduction oil painting. However, you do not need to worry about this problem if you could purchase the oil painting from because all of their painting would be coated this layer before delivery.

The artist from this China oil painting studio also said that the painting should avoid the long term exposure under the direct sunlight because UV can cause fading and discoloration of the color of oil paints. Most of clients could not remember this point.

The room for storage the reproduction oil painting should pay attention to ventilation and the china oil paintings moisture prevention. This room should get away from the bathroom and kitchen as far as possible. People should pay attention to prevent damage from the dust and fumes. Furthermore, the room should be maintained a certain degree of temperature and humidity. Wet paint must be dried slowly and the sunlight exposure should be avoided otherwise the surface of the oil painting would be fall.

In the rolling process for oil painting, people must remember the back of should face inside and the side of painting should be outside. The rolling tube need to be covered with a layer of paper tube and then packaged by plastic sheet which could help to prevent paint cracking.

If the painting hanging on the wall has been coated with a layer of dust, people can clean with a little damp cloth and gently rub it. If the there is layer of oil, people can use the soap water with the soft cloth to clean them and then please quickly take a sponge to suck up the water on the surface of reproduction oil painting. If it is the old-cracked oil paintings which have been coated with one layer of dust, the water must be avoided and the dry rub is the suitable choice. Furthermore, before spraying the professional varnish which is used for maintaining the painting, people should use a clean cloth to wipe the screen clean.


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