Dalian Deep Blue group Pump Industry

Dalian deep blue pump industry limited is wholly owned subsidiary of dalian deep blue, founded in 1988. Company headquarters is located in dalian city, covers an area of about 6 million m2, wafangdian city, built in 24 million m2 other "blue industrial park", including 8 million m2 of pump. Two factory building area amounted to about 12 million m2, the assets amounted to 8.2 billion yuan, fixed assets worth 4.2 billion yuan. Deep blue group more than 1,100 total employee, pump for 700 people. The company's main products are chemical, chemical, petrochemical fields using industrial centrifugal pump and nuclear power plant with pump. In the above fields deep blue pump industry has become widely admired national first brand, is domestic chemical pump suppliers, simultaneously is national energy bureau, development and reform commission as key support nuclear pump localization core supporting institutions.

Research and development ability

The company has the largest pump r&d team, divided into civilian goods and nuclear power two major technology center, product developers totaling more than 240 people. One of the prestigious industry experts in China, four senior engineer 23, engineers 75.

Company product parameter scope: flow can reach 20000m3 / h, Yang ranges over 3500m, speed can reach 8000rpm, temperature of 500 ℃ ~ + Montreal, inlet pressure can reach 15Mpa, working pressure can reach 45Mpa.

The company built a four sets of facilities, technical advanced machine operation experiment stations. Respectively is ordinary pump try pumping station, biggest test 30000m ³ / h, flow of the most high power 3000KW large pump try pumping station, thermal shock test ability with nuclear pump can pump station and special try to - 196 ℃ liquid oxygen tested for medium temperature pump try pumping station.

Equipment capacity

The company has all kinds of production equipment amounts to 1000 sets), including:

Processing equipment have 12 metres long nc plano-milling machine, 5m CNC vertical lathe, five axis machining center, nc equipment more than 20 computers. Other kinds of processing equipment of more than 400 Taiwan;

Casting equipment have 5 tons, 2.5 tons etc 12 the frequency furnace, 10 tons, five tons AOD furnace; each one A domestic industry first bar resin sand processing, modelling, cleaning product line;

Testing equipment, the three-coordinate surveying instrument, high-frequency infrared carbon sulfur analyzer, E192 - gamma rays testing machine, Co60 - gamma rays testing machine, χ ray detection machine, universal drawing machine, low-temperature impact machine, metallograph and vibration signal acquisition analysis system testing equipment more than 200 sets (sets).

The company honors

National nuclear security administration has 2005 issue "civilian nuclear security mechanical equipment design and manufacture qualification license";

In 2008, the company "deepblue" brand is recognized for liao ning famous brand;

2009 company technology center was identified as provincial enterprise technology center;

2009 gain national energy board on scientific and technological progress first prize.

Marketing network

The company is an international and domestic major petrochemical, chemical enterprise's preferred supplier, marketing network throughout the country, in 2005 the establishment of an international trade to expand overseas market, at present the product have been sold to Europe, southeast Asia, Russia, Canada, Australia and so on more than 30 countries and regions. 2009 5.5 billion yuan of sales value, including export sales 1 billion yuan RMB.