The oil painting expert from FineArteStore will teach with people the steps of their oil painting reproductions

China - Only few people know about the making processes and steps of the oil painting reproductions. In order to help oil painting lovers and collectors have fully viewing about this information, the artist from which is the best China supplier for oil painting reproductions will give people a detailed description about it.


For the insider of oil painting knowing, the sketch is the foundation of oil paintings. The professional artists from Fine Art Store will firstly use their specific pencils to sketch the big shape of the painting on the special canvas. The image on the canvas at this stage is only the foggy outline of the painting.

First painting

At this stage, the painter will firstly apply their big size brushes to paint the color of painting¡¯s background and some large areas. However, the details and other small differences are not the main points at this stage.

Detailed Painting

After the initial stage of rough painting, the painter will focus on the details and color relationship of the painting. After the working of this stage people could find that the outline of this painting has become more clearly. Because of the slowing drying of the oil paints layer, painter needs to wait the drying of the old layer if they want to paint the new layer.

Second detailed painting

The artist will pay more attention to the small details of the oil painting. Our professional masterpiece reproduction artists will utilize their skillful hands to reproduce the features and unique textures of the original masters¡¯ works of art. This step should be the most time consuming process.

Inspection and Revise

After all of above painting steps, the Fine Art Store will start their inspection and checking process. They will let their experienced artists to carefully check each details of this painting and give their better advice for revising and changing. These will let the looking of finally job become closer to the original works.

After the step of inspection, there will be an email contains the photo of the finally painting sending to consumer. Consumer could provide their own idea about the revise. This could make the final products fully meet with the consumer¡¯s demand.

After reading for all of this information above, people should have a feeling that the oil painting reproductions from should be the most professional one. If people want to order their products, please quickly browse their website and they would provide enough discount for new consumers.


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