All About Tanning and Self Tanning

Tanning is the UV therapy that enables users to achieve a radiant suntan. UV therapy is helpful in enabling the skin to stay healthy, when used in moderation. As the saying goes, too much of a good thing is indeed a bad thing. It's also important to know that too much time under the sun causes premature aging through skin burning, skin wrinkles, and skin cancer. That's where the beauty of Self Tanning comes in!

No one wants to go to a tanning salon, where a client is seen as just a number, and his or her best interests not being taken into consideration at all. Furthermore a tanning salon is expensive, taking a huge chunk of money and time, and all for just wanting to look tanned. Self tanning is truly the most viable and safest solution for all tanning needs. This is because tanning creams, gels and lotions will not cause any adverse results or side effects, as a tanning bed does. In addition self tanning saves customers both time and money, preventing headaches in the long run.

A good rule of thumb is to test several products on small parts of skin to determine which products are more suited for a specific skin tone. Self tanning enables the lotions and gels to blend evenly with the skin, creating a shiny glow that's not too bright. That's another disadvantage of tanning salons, in that the tanning beds will not always tan evenly. There have been instances where people come out with a bad case of sunburn, which they could have gotten for free by laying under the sun with no sunscreen. The result is a big embarrassment in front of others and a colossal waste of money.

There are celebrities who in the past have extolled the benefits of self tanning. However they are looking pretty on commercials while giving out misleading info. At http;// you'll only get the most accurate information as to why self tanning is a good investment in your body, using their variety of products.

A popular product is their Dark Sunsation Self Tanning. It's an 8 oz. Bottle for those who want the darkest possible tan. There's also their Sunless Dark Tan Sunsation Self Tanning Set. This are three bottles; one is an exfoliating body gel, the other is a self tanner, and a moisturizer, all providing a sunless bronze tone. Its Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion comes with a free Maintainer, making this a great deal.

At an average price of $35.00 per 8 oz. Bottle, these gels and lotions from Sun Laboratories are attainable and affordable. Self tanning is an investment that pays for itself over time with healthier skin while saving money and time; all in the comfort of home. Contact them today for the best customer service and prices!