Properly storage methods should be the best way to retard the aging speed of the leather handbags

China – After purchasing the original Italy leather handbags, each consumer need to learn some factors about how to better collect them as each girl could commonly purchaser five or eight handbags. Otherwise, the aging speed of the leather materials of the handbags will be greatly accelerated. Now, this article, which has been written by editor from famous leather handbags online supplier wholeale handbags , will help people know these points

If girls do not use their leather bags for a long period of time, it is best to hang it up. Of course, the leather bags can also be flat collect. However, people need pay more attention that the surface of the leather handbags could not be placed any objects. Otherwise, other objects will let the surface of the leather be wrinkling and affect the appearance of this product. Please remember that the initially price of these leather bags is not cheap.

Second, before the collection for wholesale leather handbags , each girl need to dry it at the shade and ventilated place and the directly sun light exposure could not be accepted. In order to maintain the beautiful color and appearance of the leather bag which will be faced with a longer period of storage, the surface of this product needs to be coated with milk or glycerol before the collection so that the leather product can be long-term storage without color changing.

On the other hand, each girl should specialized notes that the leather handbag with the frosted finish surface should be totally avoided the water or moisture wet, grinding and special soluble cleaning. The shoe polish should also not be used. For other ordinary leather material bags or other products, the situations of broiled, washed, sharp object impact and exposure to chemical solvents should also be totally abandoned in the storage situation.

Furthermore, the editor also reminds that metal parts and zippers on the leather handbags should be careful to protect as the moist and salty environments can cause oxidation of these metal part. So, the storage place for this handbag needs to meet with the requirements of shade, ventilation and dry. Sometimes, the drier should be a very good object for them

In a word, please do not let expensive leather handbag be damaged in the storage process unless people is a very rich man or woman . If readers want to get more information about the cheap price wholesale leather handbags and shoes, please pay more attention to the following contact information.


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