New Mozzie Threat Drives New Innovation

Mosquitos carrying diseases like Murray Valley virus, Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, dengue fever and newcomer to Australia – Chikungunya - are posing a real threat workers who spend most their day outside. Fortunately, new technology like the BROQ Insect Armour range is offering new and effective ways to protect workers from mosquitoes.

Mosquitos are considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet because of their ability to spread deadly disease. No longer isolated to tropical regions, recent research has proven that there is an increase in mosquito-borne viruses occurring throughout previously safe areas, including the southern parts of Australia, reaching as far south as Tasmania.

Worryingly, there have been reports of a big jump in the chikungunya virus in Australia, which causes a painful type of arthritis, a lot like Ross River virus - only worse, by all accounts. Capable of spreading the chikungunya virus is the Asian tiger mosquito, No.4 on the Global Invasive Species Database's list of the World's 100 Worst Invasive Alien Species. Queensland has already taken steps to prepare for the Asian tiger mosquito’s impending arrival into Australia from the Torres Strait Islands.

While there is the option to protect from mosquitos using long sleeve clothing, netting and insect repellent for the skin, netting is not always practical and the most common ingredient in insect repellents is the pesticide DEET, which some argue is an even more serious danger than the mosquitos themselves.

It is these very challenges which drove the development of the BROQ Insect Armour range of industrial work wear and anti-mosquito spray. 

BROQ Insect Armour uses a unique technology known as HealthGuard® Premium Protection. The treatment has been validated via various Australian and international studies, and has been proven to reduce landings and feeding by up to 92% - in many cases 100%. If the mosquito does not land, it cannot spread disease. The treatment also reduces the number colony forming units of bacteria, spores, virus and fungi delivering the additional benefit of making the range ‘allergy-friendly’. The Healthguard® treatment is manufactured to world standards ISO 9001 & 9002 and is Oeko Tex Registered.

BROQ Insect Armour features a work wear range including high visibility drill shirts, pants and coveralls. All BROQ work wear complies with industry standards, including 50mm reflective tape and high visibility material. It is already in action, protecting workers in 22 countries around the world.

BROQ Insect Armour has also just announced its latest addition to the range, the Anti-Mosquito Spray. The BROQ Insect Armour Anti-Mosquito spray is designed for application directly onto clothing, bedding, mosquito nets, jackets, coats, umbrellas, tents, socks, boots, car seats and other suitable fabrics and surfaces

Where BROQ Insect Armour really differentiates from other products is it is human safe and earth safe. It is not an irritant nor is it sensitizing. It has no side effects and does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds. It also contains no heavy metals and when treated articles are disposed or discarded they rapidly biodegrade and leave no harmful residues for future generations to inherit.

BROQ Insect Armour has been developed by Australian owned company, ADG Global Supply.

Many of ADG Global Supply’s clients in drilling, mining and construction have now included BROQ Insect Armour as a part of their employees’ health protection programs. 

In an industry where safety is paramount, BROQ Insect Armour™ is set to become as vital as steel-toed boots and other personal protective equipment as part of overall employee health and safety.

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