The main classification of the industrial widely applied injection molds

China – What are the main consistent and classification of the plastic injection mold? Today, the famous tooling china online seller will introduce with people mainly types of these injecting molds.

As the introduction of professional engineer, Injection mold products consist of two parts which are movable mold and the fixed mold part. The movable part is mounted on the movable platen of injection molding formed machine. The stationary injection mold is mounted on the stationary platen of the fixed injection molding machine. In the operation process of injection molding, the close and open of the movable mold and fixed mold build up the casting system and configured cavity. When the molding system finishes their work, people could separate the movable mold and fixed mold to remove the separated plastics mold which is their final products.

Although the structure of the mold may have different types and unimaginable changing due to the difference of performance of varieties of plastic, shape and type of plastics injection molding machine, the basic structure of them could be concluded into the same type. The professional engineer from mold china said that the injection mold could be mainly divided into gating system, thermostat systems, molded parts and structural parts. Among all of these crucial parts, the gating system and molded parts could have directly contact with the finished plastic mold and these parts will be changed by the difference of plastics and products. So, people could say that these parts should be the most complex and changeable parts of the wholly part of injection modeling system.

The engineer said that the gating system which is also known as the runner system is the device and feed channel which could guide the plastic melt from the injection machine toward a group of shaded cavity. This part could be usually divided into the main flowing channel, branched flowing channel, gate and cooling slug. This part have the directly relationship with the molding quality and productivity of molding plastic products.

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