Healthcare staffing expert from Aureus Medical explains the ins and outs of California travel nurse licensing

Omaha, NE (April 6, 2015) - Being a travel nurse means that after some experience in the nursing field, you can have the opportunity to take assignments in some pretty amazing places. A healthcare staffing expert from Aureus Medical Group, a nationwide leader in medical staffing, shares important information about travel nurse licensing in one of the most sought-after areas – California.

If this is a destination you'd like to explore, be sure you are in-the-know about the California licensing process, which can be lengthier and more involved than the processes of other states. Jeff West, a branch manager with Aureus Medical, recently offered his insight on the California nurse licensing process and ways that RNs can best prepare for potential assignments in the state.

The process and turnaround
If you're thinking about becoming a travel nurse in California, you might want to begin the application process as soon as possible.

"As soon as they can start the application process, I would definitely encourage them to do so, just because it can take…longer than other states," West explained.

He added that turnaround time for obtaining a license may be as little as one month to three months or longer, depending on whether a nurse turns in all materials in person at the physical location of the California Board of Registered Nursing in Sacramento, California, or submits the application and corresponding requirements online or by mail.

Documentation and transcripts
When it comes to the necessary paperwork, West indicated that the best place to begin is the California Board of Registered Nursing website, as it's very easy to follow. Simply go to the applicants tab, and then click on the endorsements tab. Then, RNs can acquire the application for licensure by endorsement, and one of the selections is a link that will pull up a 19-page document in a PDF format. This is going to give nurses the bulk of the information they need to get started.

West went on to say that the second page in particular is excellent for travel nurses, as it outlines everything that applicants need, from the appropriate fees to passport-type photographs to fingerprint cards. West indicated that the PDF is "very clear and concise on the specific transcripts and documents and everything that you need to apply, whether it's by mail or in person." He indicated, "A lot of times, applicants will speed through that and miss a very important step."

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