Virtual Field Trip Makes Chemistry Lesson Real: Students See Wound Healing Tech in Development

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – During a virtual field trip this school year, East Central High students got a live view of chemistry in action with EO2 Concepts ® director of operations, Jim Daley. Mr. Daley steered students through his company’s research and development facility while a video camera followed and broadcast his tour live into the classroom using the Nepris platform.

Mr. Daley showed the students a new wearable medical device, manufactured by EO2, that aids in the closing of chronic or difficult to heal wounds by a therapy known as Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen (CDO Therapy). It would not have been possible for students to visit the company in person, but through the Nepris' online community, students got to ask questions and virtually “walk” through the facility to see stages of research, production, and testing.

"I thought it was a great experience for the kids," said Margarita Segura, the chemistry teacher at East Central High School in San Antonio. "I constantly talk about how we need to learn these concepts in chemistry and today they were able to interact with professionals at E02 Concepts. That is the biggest struggle for teachers, explaining how [chemistry] is used in the real world"

When asked why they participated in the virtual field trip, EO2 Concepts, CEO Jim Daley replied, “We enjoy opportunities to provide the next generation with knowledge because each one of them holds within themselves the possibility to make the world a better place. We are passionate about our jobs, here at EO2, and are happy to teach what we know to anyone who is interested.”

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