Fast Conversion with an Easy to Use Interface

The Free MP4 to AVI Converter is known for offering high quality conversions of MP4 files to AVI files. The best thing about this tool is that being a freeware it does not fail to perform and exceeds user expectations most of the times. Most converters do not promise quality videos. Some converters even fail to keep the original file quality intact. But this converter does an excellent job of keep the original file quality intact and in most cases improves the quality of the output files. Above all the software is very easy to use and any person with or without prior technical knowledge can simply use it with utmost ease.

The Free MP4 to AVI Converter has a very simple screen. The tool allows batch conversion wherein users can wish to convert a single file or multiple files. They can select the output folder to save the output files after conversion. Users can also see the preview on one end of the screen. There are many tools like this online but not all of them are free. The ones that perform really well are available at extremely unreasonable costs. But this freeware does the job of converting mp4 to avi files perfectly. So, there is no reason why users should go online and invest in those costly converters when they can get the job done for free.

About Free MP4 to AVI Converter

Free MP4 to AVI Converter is a freeware that converts MP4 files to AVI file formats. This tool comes with an extremely easy to use interface that even beginners can instantly operate it with ease. The tool offers high quality conversions within the shortest time.

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