High School Students Building Homes!

For the last 2015-2016 school year students at the Riverton High School have been working hard building a home for a family through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. According to their teacher, Beau Sheets, this has been a great opportunity for students to be part of something bigger then themselves and to take ownership of something really important and helpful to the community.  Its also a real practical application for their studies. It takes them the whole year to complete the project and requires not only labor but a lot of math and construction skills. 

Most of the students are sophomores and take the class for geometry and and a college construction credit. They built the home at the school in the career center and it was moved to the sight this week. Habit for Humanity, with the help of the homeowner, supplies the funds while the students provide the labor. The latest home they built was a 3 bedroom, two bath 1200 sq foot house.  This is the second house the students have built. 

Currently the summer school students are building sheds for the house with lumber donated by AD Martin. Mr. Sheet mentioned that Habitat is accepting applications for the next house the students are building and encouraged anyone interested to apply this month while they can. The house isn't finished and volunteers are always welcome to help finish the project now that it is on sight. Just contact Habitat for Humanity.