Western version of   Black Desert Silver  . In the same announcement, the company started accepting 

applications for Closed Beta 2, scheduled to begin on February 18.

Eager players can reserve their CB2 slot by pre-ordering the Explorer's ($49.99) or Conqueror's 

($99.99) tier of the game's Founders Packs. Black Desert Online will not have an Open Beta phase so 

CB2 will be the last chance to try the game before full release.

Black Desert Online is free to play in Korea, but back in October 2015, we learned that the Western 

version would be buy to play. While the change in payment models caught many off guard, it does 

make the game's Founder's Packs a little more palatable since they include a retail license along 

with a few digital goodies.

If even February 18 seems too long a wait for your BDO fix, check out the free Character Creator 

download. The game is running a 'Beauty and the Beast' event where players who create the most 

beautiful and dreadful characters have a chance to win