Aesthetic Procedures Applied For Cellulite

Slimmed down six pounds, losing fat and body measurements improved significantly, 'says Carla Ferreira.

The director of My Moment confesses to us that "did not expect such good results", but the fact that they achieved "not only has to do with the program followed but also the commitment to Ana Cristina had to follow our instructions to the letter and to perform the treatments regularly, having never missed or delayed any session, 'says.

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Of treated
Aesthetic procedures applied with Ana Cristina Silva:
- Exiles are a treatment combining the ultrasound and radio frequency, 'allowing access to previously inaccessible resistant and with other non-invasive treatments

Reaching the deepest parts of the body tissues, "explains Carla Ferreira.

"The ultrasonic waves break the fibrous tissue structure of the fat, the process of biolysis in adipose tissue is accelerated

Reducing the number of adiposities and thus the volume of the fat layer gradually eliminated by the human body," adds the same expert. –

Lips massage 'complementary to previous acts by stimulating the venous and lymphatic systems, eliminating toxins, and fibroblasts to increase collagen and elating levels, generating a skin toning, which is healthier, decreasing the cellulite (thighs in area ), "explains the director of My Moment.

No. of sessions and prices
This treatment included eight Exiles sessions once a week and 16 Lips massage sessions twice a week.