Shortfalls Revealed in the Highway Trust Fund

Transportation and Infrastructure Fund Has a Serious Shortfall And May Run Out By the End of the Summer

Dallas, TX – Just as the construction industry is on the mend after economic crises and a particularly nasty winter, another challenge threatens to negatively impact construction, commercial roofing and possibly every industry in our nation – the lack of funding needed to maintain and build our nation’s transportation infrastructure. The Highway Trust Fund, a transportation and infrastructure fund financed by gasoline taxes, has a serious shortfall and will most likely run out by the end of the summer. That’s this summer – 2014.

Congress cannot make up its mind as to the best option. The Obama administration wants to increase the fund to ensure the approximately 700,000 jobs and tens of thousands of projects remain intact. House Republicans believe the best course of action is a proposal to take money from the U.S. Postal Service by shutting down Saturday delivery and routing those funds to the trust. The Department of Transportation has been issuing warnings regarding this shortfall for months, and right now there is no solution other than to minimize payouts to states that have already undertaken massive projects. This will slow even further the country’s ability to make important infrastructure repairs and complete highway projects.

And that is only the beginning…

“Our country’s transportation infrastructure is showing signs of deteriorating more rapidly than we can make repairs. This spells a major problem for anyone who needs materials or products delivered,” said Dale Tyler, president of National Roofing Partners. “Commercial roofing companies and construction contractors need materials to complete jobs, just like grocery stores need products to stock shelves. Everyone will feel the impact of this issue.” 

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