Idiot’s guide to Web Environment-JSP

JSP-Java Server pages is a server side scripting language. Did not comprehend what that means? Well, in lay man’s language, jsp is a technology for creating dynamic web pages, which uses the traditional Http approach of request-response, with all the business functionality carried out at the server side using java.

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Let us begin with the basics. To view information over the internet, we require an interface, which we call a browser. This browser is nothing but an html parser that displays the .html or .htm file sent by a web server. Now, html is a mark-up language designed for this sole purpose of displaying the web content. Html has fixed tags that help in the process and also has the important tags or even CSS for visually pleasing display of information. Now what is google? It is that magic box(actually a search engine!) which will run around the world asking everyone on the internet and bring you the best answers to your query. You need to have special web hosting for hosting your JSP files, you can use Bluehost coupons to save your money easily.

Let us now understand a web server and then we finally move on to java server pages. A web server is a computer hardware or software which runs at a remote location, and responds to a request sent in by the client. Whenever we click a button or view a page or do any activity on a web page, the data displayed is provided by the web server processing our request. Html, CSS and Javascript form a trio where Javascript is basically used for client-side scripting without the necessity of invoking a server’s help. It can be used to display alerts, for form validation and so on and so forth.

So now, where does JSP come into picture? To provide better functionalities, to have speed, security along with reliability, scalability, interoperability and many other specifications, different languages for web development came into existence, each having its unique use, advantage and depending on the requirement, selection of such a technology can be made. To name a few popular: php , asp .net, vb .net, jsp. Today, we look at JSP.

In plain text, jsp is a java based technology that operates at the server side and aids the server in giving an apt response back to the client. JSP is java embedded in html. You simply write java code into html file by using some special characters to mark the beginning and end of the jsp code. This code is perused by the server and the processed result is sent back. A jsp file has a .jsp extension. All the features of java, like its security, object-oriented approach, and automatic garbage collection are available in jsp because the jsp code is compiled by a java compiler running on the server machine. We will soon understand thejsp life-cycle and the role a servlet plays in it.

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