‘Do I look skinny in this house?’ a new book from Kelli Ellis to be released soon!

24th MARCH 2014: The green designer is here once again to throw light on the power of design and its role in transforming personality. Kellis Ellis, Award-Winning Celebrity Interior Designer on HGTV, TLC and Bravo, Co-Creator of Design Camp has done it again. She is ready to launch her new book, ‘Do I look skinny in this house’ which is set to debut on Amazon, April 8th.

The designer tackles with the subject taking on an innovative approach of dealing with design in a manner that is life altering and also fun. Making small short term changes like adding pillows or a rug is not what the designer is talking about. She is talking about major makeovers that can mean regaining confidence and a sense of comfort. More than anything, it is the idea of making a house a home depicting personal style is what the author aims to bring to her growing base of readers.

The book explains the key principles of function, flow and feel as well as tips for turning homes into havens. Other chapters on color therapy, light therapy, the importance of scent, quick fix tips, budgeting, trends and bringing the natural world inside are all to help readers design intentionally and create their ultimate spaces, whether for work or for pleasure.

Ellis also authored the Design Psychology Coach Certification program that is available through the Spencer Institute at, which inspired her to write “Do I look skinny in this house?”

About Kellis:

Award-winning celebrity interior designer, certified design psychology coach, and Design Camp creator, Kelli Ellis leads the charge at Kelli Ellis Interiors, Inc. She is the featured designer on TLC’s “Clean Sweep,” HGTV’s “Takeover My Makeover” and Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County,” She is the resident design expert for and spokesperson for the Society of American Florists. She is more than a designer, she believes is using design as a medium of expression and  a force that can bring about extraordinary changes in ordinary homes and lives.

‘Do I look skinny in this house?’ offers a light read with a meaningful message to readers both young and mature.

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