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The issues of IT security are attracting increasing attention of Polish enterprises. Factors influencing this situation come from different directions. Macroeconomic conditions, legal and regulatory changes, rates of penetration and application of new technologies, as well as the level of awareness and attitudes of companies are all equally important. Despite the gradually increasing awareness of the problems related to IT security, the current situation is far from perfect. Generally speaking, the area of security, i.e. achieving appropriate level of protection in the area of IT against the existing threats, is still not treated as a priority by either the corporate or public sector. Legal regulations and business obligations have had a positive impact on the market (Recommendation D issued by the KNF, Data Protection Act, PCI Data Security Standard), as have European funds, the gradually improving macroeconomic situation, or growing interest in security solutions from the SME sector. As a result, the market is expanding at a double-digit rate. However, the value of outlays on IT security remains at a relatively low level compared to the real needs in terms of effective resource protection of Polish companies and the public sector. Over the next few years the situation is likely to gradually improve.

The report comprises five sections. The first section presents a general overview of the market. The next three focus on the markets of software, hardware and services in the area of IT security respectively. The last, fifth section contains a description of the offer and activity of providers and distributors, and an analysis of their position on the market.

Subject matter of the report:

  • Value and growth of the IT security market, divided into the software, hardware and service segments.
  • An analysis of the activities of individual providers, based on in-depth interviews.
  • Key trends on the market in each of the analysed segments.
  • Forecasts for the growth of the IT security market in Poland until 2018.

Did you know that:

  • In 2013 the share of services in the IT security market was only 2 p.p. lower than the share of the hardware sector
  • Large Polish companies in the IT security segment are moving towards consolidation of their resources
  • In the medium term, outsourcing services for IT security are going to experience rapid growth
  • In 2013 large companies expressed a growing interest in solutions protecting against DDoS and APT attacks
  • New trends from the global IT security market are entering the Polish market with a slight delay
  • Media reports about attacks on IT security systems have been a crucial, albeit not unique, factor

Extract from this report:

  • In 2013 the largest shares in the IT security market have belonged to the hardware segment. In second place were revenues from service sales, with a result 2 p.p. lower, and in third – software sales (25%).
  • SME companies are most likely to use solutions provided by Eset – the NOD32 application, Kaspersky Lab solutions and Norton.

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Explore the current value and expected growth in Poland’s IT security market

New report offers exclusive market analysis and forecasts for development 2014-2018.

  • The IT security market in Poland has entered a period of expansion and is quickly on its way to becoming an integral part of the technological support structure for all types of businesses in all sectors of the economy. From retail to healthcare to manufacturing and providing financial services, the ties to technology are vital, and corporate and customer data must be protected.  As a result, IT security is quickly becoming a top priority, which is good news for providers on the Polish market.
  • Take a deeper look at this market by reviewing Publisher’s new publication, IT security market in Poland 2014, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2018. This report examines the current value and expected growth of the market, points out important industry trends and predicts their impact on the expansion of the market, its key segments and continually emerging, new sub-segments.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this document is its inclusion of interviews with IT security product and service providers that reveal inside information about specific product and service offerings, market operations and activities and corporate positions of the market leading companies. Also important to businesspeople with interests in this market are the unique data describing its value and recent growth as evidenced by new segments as they are developed according to customer demand and quickly advancing technology and detailed descriptions of valuable product portfolios.

The report traces the development of the market from the initial services offered to meet the data protection requirements of high-level clients to the expanding search for the most effective solutions available. It provides exclusive data on the value of the entire IT security market, its hardware, software and IT services segments and newly emerging sub-segments that will continue to fuel market growth over the coming five years.

Forecasts are also an integral part of this document. It furnishes details on the predicted expansion of this market from 2014-2018, the plans of leading IT security providers to add new solutions to their portfolios and their preparations to react to the evolving needs of their customers.

IT security market in Poland 2014 Market analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2018 is a truly unique reference document. It is valuable to providers in the location of new clients, the development of new products and services, estimation of product and service demand in this market and in evaluation of the positions of the top providers of IT security products and services in the overall market and in its chief segments and sub-segments.

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