Homein5az.Com Offers 5% Towards Down Payment And Closing Costs Up To $15,000


Glendale, AZ (July 14, 2014) – Reports around the world state that, countless people fall short in arranging their down payment, while buying a home. Buying a home for the family is a common dream of countless people, across the geographies, while short come of cash flow for the same is another regular problem, faced by many. However, the inhabitants of Maricopa County do not need to think much about this patricidal issue as, Home in 5 Maricopa County has introduced a Home in 5 bond program to facilitate the upcoming buyers.

Home in Five is comprised with a set of highly skilled professionals, who are dedicated to wipe out this regular problem of the prospective home owners. Considering this; Home in 5 grants 5% of the total loan figure, towards the down payment of the users. One does not need to be a first time home buyer, to avail this Home in Five Program. However, the users certainly need to fulfill the FICO score criteria of 640 to enjoy this benefit. Added to that, FHA guidelines need to be followed along with, to avail this offer. The borrower should comply with the criteria of VA and USDA 30 year loan, for this offer as well. The income limitations and debt ratio is applied, to avail the Home in Five offer.

The maximum purchase price of the buyer should not exceed the maximum purchase price of $300,000, to explore this offer. The borrower would be responsible for the closing cost as well as the down payment, in this specially developed plan. More over the users would never be asked for pack backs, in this plan. Interested individuals can check all their prerequisites, by calling the team of Home in 5 or filling in a virtual form, given in their official business page.

The Home in Five program has impressed the users to a great extent. One of the recent beneficiaries of the plan states, “I was really worried about arranging the last part of my down payment, while purchasing our new home. This has been a much awaited desire of our family, to own a house, but the final hazard really scared us and we almost lost the hope of having the property. Home in 5 has been a great help to us. We finally managed to own the house, with the help of the brilliant plan of the company.”

Home in 5 is a new plan that helps people to own their houses. This helps with 5% of the loan amount towards the down payment. For more details please visit

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