Commercial Furniture Retailer Fashion Seating Spotlights Contemporary Lounge Chairs

Fashion Seating has updated its collection of modern lounge furniture, including lounge chairs, side chairs, ottomans, and upholstered benches. Appropriate for nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels, the lounge chairs are available from the commercial furniture vendor at wholesale prices.

“There are three important aspects to consider when furnishing a lounge: style, comfort, and durability. These lounge chairs are the perfect additions to any cool, contemporary lounge setting. They’re constructed with commercial use in mind, meaning that they’ll last and maintain their comfort even in high traffic restaurants, bars, or hotels,” said Eli Fresh, CEO of Fashion Seating.

The Hercules furniture collection features several different styles of modern lounge chairs. The Hercules Jet Series has a stylish leather chair available in black (style ZB-JET-855-BLACK-GG), red (style ZB-JET-855-RED-GG), or white (style ZB-JET-855-WH-GG). The chair retails at Fashion Seating for $290, giving the buyer a 49 percent savings.

The lounge seating in the Hercules Lesley Series comes in black, white, or light brown. There are three different sizes in this particular series. The 36.75-inch chair is $325.50, the 59-inch love seat is $447.25, and the 89-inch sofa is $530. Constructed from a leather and polyurethane blend, these seating options are soft and durable, with tufted cushions and stainless steel frames.

There are also modular lounge pieces for sale that allow for easy rearranging and replacement. The Hercules Imagination Series has upholstered benches with up to five cushions (style ZB-IMAG-OTTO-5-GG), which costs $681. An individual ottoman (style ZB-IMAG-OTTOOMAN-GG) in this series retails from the restaurant furniture vendor at $209.50.

Fashion Seating’s entire collection of traditional and contemporary lounge furniture is available to view and purchase online at The commercial furniture company also maintains a weekly blog at Customers that wish to stay updated with Fashion Seating can follow the company on Facebook and Twitter at and