New Fitness Product: Drykeeper™

Imagine this:

You are biking up a hill, pedaling as hard as you
can. You are almost there and — what's this?

The back of your neck is all wet and so is your
face, this is why this invention is for you, and it's called: Drykeeper™.

Drykeeper™ is a stylish sport towel designed to
keep you dry, and it is great for sweat absorption while enjoying any of your
daily physical activities.

Drykeeper™ stays around your neck and it always
within your reach; it can be adjusted to size.

It is ideal for outdoor activities, sport
practice, gym, yoga, dancing, cycling, rollerblading and more…

Drykeeper™ is the # 1 recommended workout towel by personal trainers and zumba
instructors. A unique product and never seen before, people who have used it
says it's the best workout towel they have ever used.

Drykeeper™ is a great solution, it never falls, you can
resize it to your need, and it’s a great tool to have in hand. We first tried
by putting it to test with the people we know like personal trainers, Zumba©
instructors, Yoga instructors, runners, bikers, athletes and basically everyone
who wanted to try it. THEY LOVED IT!

Drykeeper™ is also fashionable it comes in multiple colors and variations with cool and sweet names like:
Cotton Candy, Lavender, Marshmallow, Navy, Ocean, Power, Titanium, Watermelon
and more…

* Also available in solid colors

Available on Pre-order today and will ship out on February 27, 2014
Retail price: Only $19.99
Comes in a box, and available in many colors selection.
Available at:

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