VIDA Communications Launches “Star Power Branding” Division


VIDA Communications Launches “Star Power Branding” Division

VIDA Communications has launched a personal brand-focused division called “Star Power Branding,” a 90 day intensive, incubator style, service to consult and promote entertainers, public figures, and personalities, and help them build full, strong brands. 

Memphis, TN: July7, 2014 – Excited to leverage its reputation as a leader in entertainment and lifestyle branding and publicity in the Mid-South, VIDA Communications Group has expanded its brand by launching Star Power Branding, a division devoted to building and promoting strong brands for entertainers, public figures, and personalities.


Star Power is a 90 day, intensive, incubator-style program for entertainers, public figures, and personalities to receive a full brand (visual, personal, digital), media relations (electronic press kit, media publicity messaging), social/digital media development, and brand consulting.  Star Power offers clients seasoned veteran Publicists, Branding/Visual Branding Specialists, Digital/Social Media Specialists, and Stylists.

The idea is for entertainers to receive everything necessary to build a star brand.  “Instead of having to hire four or five different people, or companies, Star Power Consultants are developing everything for clients, in one place, and on one set plan, for a flat rate” says Dominique Anderson, Principal of VIDA Communications Group and Publicist.  Dominique adds, “after 15 years in PR and Marketing, I have worked with countless entertainers, public figures, and personalities who spend so much time spinning their wheels in developing their brand when, if they had one place to handle everything, on a set timeline, they would have been able to focus on making money doing what they love. That’s what we’re offering.”

At the end of 90 days, clients will receive:

·         A logo

·         1,000 Business Cards

·         Social Media and Digital Sales Program development and optimization

·         A Styling Sessions

·         A Photo Shoot

·         Professionally Written Bio

·         Electronic Press Kit

·         Consulting on Project Direction

·         Weekly Consulting Calls



The division’s team is led by:

Dominique Anderson, a veteran PR and Marketing veteran, who has worked as tour support for bands like N’Sync, Life House, and Buck Cherry, as well as prompted and protected brands for CEOs, politicians, and personalities.

Tim Anderson, a marketing, branding, visual branding, and personal style specialists, offers entertainers solid brand development, engaging visuals, and personal style expertise to boost their careers.

Maurice “Mo Better” Rivera brings an extensive career in the radio industry, as well as his expertise in all thing digital and social media.

"We want to be directly engaged with each entertainer and dedicate the appropriate amount of creative energy to help them succeed," Rivera said. "For clients beginning their career, we are prepared to build an entire brand from scratch whereas, for a relatively seasoned professional, we may be helping them recollect and rebrand. The strategy for each client will be different and individualized."

"I'm not aware of any other entities like this in the Southeast," said Tim Anderson, Director of Visual Branding and Styling, "Bringing our talents together, to grow and develop strong brands and strong presences, is an absolute passion of our entire team.”

Interested entertainers should send inquiry emails to:

Press Contact:

Dominique Anderson

                                              (901) 236-5298